Common landscape architecture applications include:

  • Turf paving
  • Turf parking
  • Event lawns
  • Green roofing

TurfGrids are trusted nationwide to create beautiful landscapes that perform. Recent projects include:

  • Millennium Park
  • Nasher Museum
  • Battery Park
  • Downtown Dallas

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Applications for Landscape Architects
Design with freedom, build with confidence

FiberSoils’ specially designed turf reinforcing fibers, called TurfGrids, provide several key benefits in landscape architecture environments.

Design Our fibers reinforce the entire soil mass and increase shear strength by 20% to 50%. That allows you to design steeper slopes and more interesting terrain, increasing the aesthetic value of your project without the fear of soil failure. Architect Drawing

Durability Imagine turf so tuff you can park a fire engine on it — after a hard rain — and it drives off without scarring the surface. That’s only the beginning with TurfGrids. Reinforce an entire green area to use for overflow parking (rain or shine). Create green areas specifically designed to host tents, beer trucks and festival machinery without lawn damage. And concrete fire lanes ... that’s a thing of the past. Keep your designs green with the durable advantage of TurfGrids.

Drainage Use TurfGrids turf reinforcement to build thinner surfaces with the most efficient drainage properties. Your irrigation systems work more effectively. Flooding rains cause less damage. And, when your clients get more usable time from your landscape, watch your referrals climb. Drain Pipe

Rework Rework We hate to say it, but sometimes reworks are unavoidable. Choose TurfGrids (instead of planar reinforcement) and rework can be as simple as trenching and refilling. For example, one of our clients needed to add a utility line after turf was laid. Had they chosen planar reinforcement, giant sections of turf would have had to be removed and replaced. But since they chose TurfGrids, they simply trenched, laid the line and refilled the trench with the same soil.
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